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Kinda fell apart from this website for so long that I was attached to other things, including but not limited to, real life bullshit, uhh... a bit of school for a better job, making YouTube videos, streaming Let's Plays, and uhh oh yeah, real life bullshit! Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, wearing masks and dealing with good for nothing Karens who bitch like children about having to wear masks. Not to mention my current job, working at a supermarket, was nothing short of stress testing. At least I'm not working at a hospital as an EMT. Though those people I fucking respect for all the victims who I wish nothing but the best for.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I stepped away from making Flash both intentionally and unintentionally. I know that makes no sense at first, but after finishing Sonic the Unstoppable, I had several ideas in mind that pretty much exhausted myself on where to start. They still linger in my head, but for the most part, I've moved up from here. However, I've been meaning to post something here for a while before I'd get sidetracked from all kinds of shit going on.

As many of you know already, Flash has recently reached its grave and thus effecting the Newgrounds website in some way. On all technicality the site has an alternative way of playing existing Flash through its own source. But so far it plays like shit. I'm sure at some point that'll get updated, and fixed. With that said, I wanted to also plug in something relevant to the topic at hand. I have a video that's set to be released this coming Friday where I look back and react to these old pieces of junk that got me started as an online content creator. That is for those who missed my old flashes here and wanted to know where I've been.

Those who still continue with this site, keep doing what you like doing. I like to see something here every once in a while.

Anyways, time to shameless plug my video here. Have fun.


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