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Dear Princess Celestia,

Pinkie Pie is admittidly crazy, but not the kind that will cannabalize a Rainbow colored pegasus Pony in a FanFiction. Instead, she'll bake a dangerous cake that will be feed by fasionist Unicorn ponies that hate to be called a bitch. In short, Ponies are awesome.

Your fellow Brony,
Goldblaze Phoenix (Golden Fox)


I didn't know you have a Newgrounds account here, Riley! Nice! Anyway, I pretty much laughed at the concept you made here. Though I never did seem to get what happened at the last second with the bigger box. Did he just jump in the little box's mouth, or did the little box inhale him?

~Golden Fox

You still got it.

Ah, Bigfoot. You never seize to amaze me as usual with your humor. Funny as always with those cannon jokes and the uber randomness!

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I like the premise of the game but...

The controls were out of place. I'm used to thinking the space button as Mario's jump instead of switching to Teris mode. For Tetris mode, a button option for making the blocks fall faster would be nice. The game is a little buggy at times. I moved a group of blocks so close to Mario, and though not touching him, he dies. The first stage is also a little too challenging for a start. There's too many pits, and I'm not used to it. Along with that, the Goombas makes things harder.

It's a nice concept, but better controls, and game play are needed. I hope to see another version of this is made in the future.

~Golden Fox~

Fun, but rather twisted.

I can pretty much imagine this game as a dark age for Resident Evil, subtracting the live-action movies. XD

So far, it's not that hard to play, but it can a little challenging to where you might accidentally shoot the gaged people at the pole. I might also add that it might be addicting due to its simple task like Tetris.

There isn't that much else to say except that it's a little creepy, but it's pretty fun. Great job, you two. A good 5 from me. ;)


It's good, but...

There's not a lot of codes in the game. Most of them are either "0012", "1337", or "2970".

But so far, the rest of the game is good. Just needs a little more on challange in order to get children smarter.

Sonucais responds:

Well, I wish can make it automatly with a code, but it's just imposible for eveyone in this type of game. Thanks for the review.

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