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Spring '08 over.

2008-06-02 02:51:40 by Golden-Fox

Well school's ended, and I have all summer to myself. What a surprise. I hope my grades are satisfying.

Well, now that it's summer time, I have a tutorial book that teaches cartooning. Hopefully I can get my hands on it now. Also I plan to do more art my page, since I haven't submitted shit for a while. lol. I want a job this summer so I can get a Wii, and kick ass on Brawl (lol I wish), as well as getting other things taken care of. I still have a leaner's permit, but I can't find time to practice driving. If only my dad hadn't taken Bible class, *sigh* :'(.

My birthday is coming up soon, I'll be 20 on June 22nd. Boy, will I feel old, I'll no longer be a teenager. :(. Being young was awesome. I want cookies for my birthday (lol jk), I actually don't know what I really want. For anything I want in my life is a car, a Wii with Brawl, and a fucking job. And some Movies that I've been after for a while. lol.

Well besides summer, I saw Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia with one of my friends from college. I rocked just like the first. I liked the scenes with this new mouse with an attitude of some kind. Well, I won't go too detailed in the film for those who haven't seen it.


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2008-06-22 04:51:31

happy birthday! :)

BTW I loved all your movies!
Too bad that you won't flash anymore :(

Golden-Fox responds:

Thank you.

I'm actually going back to it, since I have a major in animation. This way, it'll occupy me, while learning animation material at the same time. Plus the second reason is because a lot of users missed me. I'm in the process of a sprite flash as we speak.


2008-06-24 22:13:12

you no what? Glitchrockers review was a pricks/idiots opinion -_-. just thought you should know that.
i personally want a 2nd account to give clean uop reviews.(things i left out)
you can chk anything ive reviewed on. XD

Golden-Fox responds:

Meh, don't worry about him. He doesn't know how to write a better review like you do. And if he comes back with another attempt to lower my flashes, and give me more unintelligent retort, I'll take care of it. ;)


2008-06-25 15:08:20

heh, yep XD
i still think that it never gets old! the Fish Storm scene owned! XD


2008-06-26 18:38:27

you are in collage?! i woulda never guessed.... your flashes a professional couldnt copy!!!! XD


2008-07-27 13:25:23

My flashes are shitty on purpose. O:

Golden-Fox responds:

Wow... how original [/sarcasm]


2008-08-17 19:29:02

To be honest it was very hard to decide the order of my fav spriters :/

I had to choose according to their number of submissions, kind of humor, their animation style and which one inspires me the most.

by the way you're number 7 to me :P

Golden-Fox responds:

You didn't have to leave the response in my blog.