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Boredom Blog - Frequently Asked Questions, and Quotes

2008-08-19 22:03:11 by Golden-Fox

I was bored on Newgrounds, and decided to put a new blog up. But before I did, I got some messages in my inbox that forgot to be replied, and looked at certain reviews that need to be revised. So the following below are the common questions, and quotes I get.

Q: Hello Golden-Fox,
My name is SonicGuy1234 and i am really finding it difficult to create Sonic Flash Movies On Adobe Flash 9 and Macromedia.
I was wondering if you could tell me all the basics on how to create a Sonic Movie Like Using Sprites and making them move and jump etc.
So please dude i will credit you and i will really appreciate it

A: No, I do not provide lessons, or teach flash to anyone. Beta testing is one thing, but I'm not a flash teacher. There are tutorials listed on Newgrounds, and Albino Blacksheep. That's how I learned flash, so if you want to know how to make one, there you have it. Sorry, but I cannot help.

Q: How do you make the animations keep repeating over and over again? (This is important for making my movies). If you do, please let me know.

A: As said before, I do not provide lessons on flash, but for your question about repeating animations, that's either a movie clip, or a graphic if you want to get specific, which are features on flash that's not very hard to do at all. All you do is goto your library, and click on a little button, that looks like a page with a plus on it, at the bottom of the library window. There, you see a small rectangular window that'll ask if you want it to be either a "graphic", a "movie clip", or a "button". I'd highly recommend using a "graphic" because they can sync without looping on it's own when pausing.

Q: Stealing copyright graphics is wrong, and video game sprite flashes are an effortless amount of work because they're just traced symbols that tween everywhere. They also take up most of the Portal
-Anti spriters

A: Ok, first of all, if the graphics were so called "stolen", Tom Fulp from Newgrounds would either be sued by Nintendo, or other various video game companies for plagiarism, and over 70% of the users of the site would be included. He also would not allow sprite movies to be viewed in the portal in the first place, and have Randy Solem listed into his author favorites. He even pays for Randy's site, and actually makes, and supports sprite movies. Anyone has the right to use other resources on the net as long as they're credited. And if that's not enough, there's other flashes out there that have show and commercial logos, and cut out photographs used for a flash, such as "Sheindlin's Reign".

Secondly, sprite movies are more then just tweeing a single symbol. For a top quality flash of sprites (and yes, there is), they take a lot of layering to every piece to be animated separately, and have a original context, considering there's a lot of ideas done for sprites, and the fact that sprite movies are naturally unoriginal to begin with. For any examples would be MK vs SF by Proxicide, or Mario flashes done by Yoshi-1up. Try doing something like that, and you'll how difficult is really is.

Thirdly, there are endless flashes that take up the portal space besides sprites. There were ripoff groups that resembled the Clock Crew, but have nothing in common i.e. Star Syndicate, Lock Legion, Uzi Union, and Barney Bunch, and have flooded the portal with nonsense. There were also poorly done flashes that have moving jpeg images that have no meaning, or any context at all.

If you hate sprite movies, just don't watch in the first place, and don't bother writing a mean review, because it will do you no good, and your review will possibly be removed.

Q:Do you know what troller means?Look it up.You'll be in it.And don't bother responding douche.I've blocked you.So go ahead and complain to the mods that I don't care about your opinion like the whiny 5 year old you are.Get off your dad's dick and shut the fuck up.FAIL.
-Sykotic Sword

A: LOL I love this message. Keep giving me your hatred for all humanity, and all I care. It won't stop me from moving on in life, and making flashes, idiot.

Q:You made valid arguements against my 1/5 review for "OMG! SMB Mishaps!"

First off, I actually don't like Avatar and Naruto. TomaMoto's humor is what I like about those flashes.

Actually, I'm aware of the Super Mario All-Stars reference in your flash, but nonetheless, it does screw with the comedic pacing.

I do apologize, however for referring about the "Christian rock" for your battle. I just don't care for P.O.D. and I like synonyms. It had nothing to do with religion.

Finally, I am by no means a Twisted Sister fan. You just happened to use music that sounded pleasant to my ears, so, yes, I did bump the score up to a 1/5. Once again, synonyms, rather than "That song at that one point was really good."

All in all, usually I let arguments go on the internet, but I felt I had to defend myself this time (or whatever the word for defense against a defense is, I suppose).

A: Thanks for the proper reply. At first I thought your message was going to be a n00by n00by flame response, but it turns out, you're not so bad.

Ok, I'm done with my boredom blog


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2008-08-23 12:44:46

nice, 0 replies

Golden-Fox responds:

lol your blog had a comment with a Rick Roll link posted on it.


2008-08-25 20:14:26

I liked what you said about "stealing" sprites, you speak the truth!

Golden-Fox responds:

:D Thank you!


2008-08-31 03:18:51

wow... you think the same as I about all the whiners that say: lololol you stole art u biatch!

I even did a FP post about that :)

Golden-Fox responds:

lol I wonder how many posts about that subject there are.


2008-09-07 19:20:53

It's good to know that there are still flash authors that I can count on for support when it comes to sprite flashes. So what if the sprites you use are "stolen copyrighted content"? don't give a fuck! I work with scriptwriting & simply use sprites to tell the story properly.


2008-10-03 04:12:02

aweosme awesome aweosme. Maybe I should do a blog like this? You've given me ideas. :D

Golden-Fox responds:

He he! Awesome! You just made my night, Danny boy! :D


2008-10-04 03:05:47

Did I? Good! This blog is epic! And speaks t3h truth!


2008-11-02 09:00:49

One thing that most sprite animators must admit is that hand drawn animation is always better than sprites. You just can't beat original work with copy/pastes. As much as I enjoy sprites and making sprite movies, they will never beat original self made graphics. I hate to say it but "Don't watch sprites if you don't like them" is a very invalid argument for sprite animators. SMBZ 7 stole the #3 spot on the top 50 and it did not deserve anything close to that, even though it was a good movie. It really shames the people who do original art. If sprite haters don't watch them and sprite lovers do, it doesn't help at all. It only makes things worse because the balance is lost and the movie's score goes too high. As much as I respect Alvin, he should really take responsibility for that kind of fame, and this applies to anyone.

On the other side of things, sprite haters could at least admit sprite animation can still be very difficult when done with max effort, rivaling hand drawn sometimes. Dsun is a great example of a sprite movie where a lot of true effort was put into the animation. A lot of sprite movies are just cut-outs from sheets tweened on static backgrounds doing uninspiring crap for several minutes. Those take no effort and thats where the fingers should be pointed. In the least I do lots of custom sprites, TONS of sound design and editing, graphic design, even some music composition, and on top of that I sweat myself dry doing the animation part just for my sprite movies. I spend a lot of my time researching and learning technical skills and knowledge. I've actually gained more technical knowledge than anything in the last four years.

Walls of text, I know, but if you have the time please read what I said. Its very good to know.

Golden-Fox responds:

Personally, I lost interest in Alvin's series, and I do think his series is overrated. But that's me. However, you do make a very good point. Yes sprite movies will never be as good as a drawn flash, but that doesn't mean they should be hated. I even do enjoy watching drawn flashes more as a matter of fact. But overall, I don't really try to prove that sprites are better. Just the fact that bashing them, and causing such internet drama is ridiculous.

Now I'm not too sure if ignoring sprite movies would make matters worse for them. Sure it won't make them any better, but complaining about them doesn't work either because it only makes a fool out of themselves for making unnecessary hatred. Sometimes there can be a sprite flash that can beat a drawn flash, but it's a rare occasion, and even a sprite flash can be beaten by something unfairly.

For example, when the last episode of Mario Brothers, from Phantasmagoria-crow, was released, it got a daily 2nd. The Daily feature was a lousy flash that had live-action footages that looked like it came from a cell phone camera. It was a resemblance of 007. It was uncreative, and poorly done, and had voice clips of Duke Nukem. Nevertheless, it got a daily feature. No one complained about it, so we moved on. And so far, I didn't see any loss of balance.

Everything else you said are true, sprite movies can take more effort then what sprite-haters think, but also drawn flashes are more original because they actually create something. Bottom line, I understand both sides of the scenario. Thanks for the explanation.