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Happy New Year, everyone!

2009-01-01 16:17:51 by Golden-Fox

Yay! It's 2009! Another year of moving foreword in life as we go closer to the end of the world, and we know it and I feel fine... God I hate that song!

Ok, so moving foreword, I highly doubt that I'll get a new computer and a car, but I still hope that I get a job, and that's... Oh fuck it, I bitched too much about that shit for so long! I need to say something new.

I'm backing up my files, and formatting again, since I'm going to have to do that again and again due to the shitty computer. This way, I might have the chance to flash again. [Sonucais] , I know you don't care much about your FRS collab as much, but I still try to make a piece to enter.

Oh yeah now that it's 2009, I don't have to wait anymore years for this.

/* */
FINALLY! Disney goes back to making REAL animation other then the CGI crap *coughchickenlittlecough*.

As for Christmas, I got some clothes; pears of jeans, socks, and a brand of t-shirts.

I got DVDs
-Transformers - The live action that a lot of people hate.

-WALL-E - I think that's Pixar's best work. Take that, cliché Nemo! HA!

-Batman Begins - Now all I need is a copy of The Dark Knight.

-Robot Chicken - Season 1, out of whatever the amount is.

I also got a wooden figure that's used for art(better make use of it), a pair of headphones that rather uncomfortable to wear, and lastly, candy. Yum.

Ok, I'm finished fooling around.


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2011-11-07 01:52:45

dont care about lod! hes just a stupit bitch! your awsome