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Flash? Or not to flash?

2008-02-07 22:44:43 by Golden-Fox

Well I haven't been here for a while. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint:
OMFG! Disgraceful flash in the wrong spot of NG
Plus I'm busy with school, yet I'm still jobless but that'll soon change.

I'm also aware that a lot of users are upset about me, quitting flash, which therefore, upsets me as well. Why? Well let's face it, everyone wants to be happy, and this isn't working out. There have been times that I wanted to get back to flash, and some days that I haven't.

So to be fair, I shouldn't quit over a little flash, and leave the choice to my friends, and to whoever comes on this page. NOTE: That doesn't mean you go insult me with death threats, or say I should goto hell. Yes, I am aware of how Immature NG can be, so doing these attempts will cause me to bite your head off for assault.


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2008-02-23 15:47:12

I'm sorry that you can't understand the genius of that series.

Golden-Fox responds:

Uhh, what? Sorry, buddy, there is no "genius" in that series.

Also, stay out of my page if you insist on being a sprite hater, considering you have a flash that parodies MvS.


2008-03-16 08:48:35

Flash, you kicked ass at it! You stop now and I'll rub Brawl in your face!

(Updated ) Golden-Fox responds:

lol. I'm actually back at flash now. I made a journal at Sheezyart not too long ago.

Edit: LOL dude, I swear, you're gonna get banned on this site if you continue commenting on that flash.


2008-03-30 19:35:04


i'm not a sprite hater

Golden-Fox responds:

uh huh... Sure...


2008-04-28 06:11:45

ahh sprites misunderstood and hated by many who probably cant spell sprites much less make something out of them