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Posted by Golden-Fox - January 18th, 2021

Kinda fell apart from this website for so long that I was attached to other things, including but not limited to, real life bullshit, uhh... a bit of school for a better job, making YouTube videos, streaming Let's Plays, and uhh oh yeah, real life bullshit! Covid-19 spreading like wildfire, wearing masks and dealing with good for nothing Karens who bitch like children about having to wear masks. Not to mention my current job, working at a supermarket, was nothing short of stress testing. At least I'm not working at a hospital as an EMT. Though those people I fucking respect for all the victims who I wish nothing but the best for.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, I stepped away from making Flash both intentionally and unintentionally. I know that makes no sense at first, but after finishing Sonic the Unstoppable, I had several ideas in mind that pretty much exhausted myself on where to start. They still linger in my head, but for the most part, I've moved up from here. However, I've been meaning to post something here for a while before I'd get sidetracked from all kinds of shit going on.

As many of you know already, Flash has recently reached its grave and thus effecting the Newgrounds website in some way. On all technicality the site has an alternative way of playing existing Flash through its own source. But so far it plays like shit. I'm sure at some point that'll get updated, and fixed. With that said, I wanted to also plug in something relevant to the topic at hand. I have a video that's set to be released this coming Friday where I look back and react to these old pieces of junk that got me started as an online content creator. That is for those who missed my old flashes here and wanted to know where I've been.

Those who still continue with this site, keep doing what you like doing. I like to see something here every once in a while.

Anyways, time to shameless plug my video here. Have fun.



Posted by Golden-Fox - April 3rd, 2012

Aside from the post regarding Randy's death, It's been ages since I've been here. Meh, anyone who wants to know what's been happening with me, I've got a DA journal posted, explaining it all.

http://golden-fox19.deviantart.com/journal/Ponyv ille-Confidential-Big-Update-293858530

Posted by Golden-Fox - March 20th, 2012

Before I became a Brony... before I was an online film reviewer... and before I started College... I was a sprite animator on Newgrounds... I used to take a bunch of previous video game graphics in the past, and animate them through flash, making whatever the hell happens, regardless of the source material... as of now, yea...they're pretty stupid. But from where I started was someone who, while admittedly who I didn't get along too well on, but nevertheless someone who actually has inspired me to be a part of... Randy Solem.

Randy Solem was one of the most recognized users on the face of Newgrounds.com, if not the whole web. He was known for his starting trend of sprite flash movies, and thus being an enormous portion of the site in general. That also was a hefty price by the haters of sprite flashes. But either way, it happened, and the community was forever existent. Unfortunately... Randy Solem has passed away.

One of his most popular was Rise of the Mushroom, a four parter Mario flash parody about the many vengeance to each of their own. The first half was Luigi's vengeance on Mario's death towards Bowser, the second half was Mario avenging Luigi towards Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2. Hate to sound like an old man, but I can remember like it was yesterday when I first watched the first two. It was November of 2004 and I was new at Newgrounds at the time. 16 to be precise. My bro came into my Dad's office as he saw me watch it. He then came to me, asking what I was playing. I told him it wasn't a game, but a flash parody. We both watched it together, and suffice it to say, I wanted to learn flash. After finally gaining the skills, registering a name, account, and working on a project over the summer (Mario's Special Transformation), I became an online flash animator. I eventually owned my own website, gained some website affiliation, and some online friends who've come and gone. Again... I'm still sounding like an old man.

But of course there weren't good times all the time. Around 2006, I've had personal issues with him in the past. I barely knew him, but when trying to get to know him, well let's just say one such user, who was a Mod afterwards, was such a troll to my friends. Along with that, I was embarrassed behind my back. I was then against the VGDC site at time. In 2008, I made one more flash movie, and paid another visit to VGDC, and the hate was no longer existent. Nothing new happened. Same old same old. I eventually forgot about the site over the years. Randy hasn't posted anything new on Newgrounds since 2006, the forum was being less active, and on top of that... the sprite community has died down.

When I first heard the news about Randy's death, it put me into quite a shock. Even though he wasn't a creative user, he did put his efforts out there, and motivated us for it. I've known more than just flash. I've known Photoshop, and later video editing software, and even 3D classes I've take at my community college. He helped place a direction on my part. Am I sounding a little too in depth? Good. Even though I had such grudges against him, I had to credit him. Deep down, he was an inspiration. Without him, I wouldn't have started my direction on living on the internet. Without him, I wouldn't have explored the community as often as I could imagine. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am at for the greater good. It's a thanks to him I opened myself to other options in life and expand on it.

You will be remembered as long as we live.

R.I.P Randy Solem 1975-2012

Posted by Golden-Fox - January 1st, 2009

Yay! It's 2009! Another year of moving foreword in life as we go closer to the end of the world, and we know it and I feel fine... God I hate that song!

Ok, so moving foreword, I highly doubt that I'll get a new computer and a car, but I still hope that I get a job, and that's... Oh fuck it, I bitched too much about that shit for so long! I need to say something new.

I'm backing up my files, and formatting again, since I'm going to have to do that again and again due to the shitty computer. This way, I might have the chance to flash again. [Sonucais] , I know you don't care much about your FRS collab as much, but I still try to make a piece to enter.

Oh yeah now that it's 2009, I don't have to wait anymore years for this.

/* */
FINALLY! Disney goes back to making REAL animation other then the CGI crap *coughchickenlittlecough*.

As for Christmas, I got some clothes; pears of jeans, socks, and a brand of t-shirts.

I got DVDs
-Transformers - The live action that a lot of people hate.

-WALL-E - I think that's Pixar's best work. Take that, cliché Nemo! HA!

-Batman Begins - Now all I need is a copy of The Dark Knight.

-Robot Chicken - Season 1, out of whatever the amount is.

I also got a wooden figure that's used for art(better make use of it), a pair of headphones that rather uncomfortable to wear, and lastly, candy. Yum.

Ok, I'm finished fooling around.

Posted by Golden-Fox - August 19th, 2008

I was bored on Newgrounds, and decided to put a new blog up. But before I did, I got some messages in my inbox that forgot to be replied, and looked at certain reviews that need to be revised. So the following below are the common questions, and quotes I get.

Q: Hello Golden-Fox,
My name is SonicGuy1234 and i am really finding it difficult to create Sonic Flash Movies On Adobe Flash 9 and Macromedia.
I was wondering if you could tell me all the basics on how to create a Sonic Movie Like Using Sprites and making them move and jump etc.
So please dude i will credit you and i will really appreciate it

A: No, I do not provide lessons, or teach flash to anyone. Beta testing is one thing, but I'm not a flash teacher. There are tutorials listed on Newgrounds, and Albino Blacksheep. That's how I learned flash, so if you want to know how to make one, there you have it. Sorry, but I cannot help.

Q: How do you make the animations keep repeating over and over again? (This is important for making my movies). If you do, please let me know.

A: As said before, I do not provide lessons on flash, but for your question about repeating animations, that's either a movie clip, or a graphic if you want to get specific, which are features on flash that's not very hard to do at all. All you do is goto your library, and click on a little button, that looks like a page with a plus on it, at the bottom of the library window. There, you see a small rectangular window that'll ask if you want it to be either a "graphic", a "movie clip", or a "button". I'd highly recommend using a "graphic" because they can sync without looping on it's own when pausing.

Q: Stealing copyright graphics is wrong, and video game sprite flashes are an effortless amount of work because they're just traced symbols that tween everywhere. They also take up most of the Portal
-Anti spriters

A: Ok, first of all, if the graphics were so called "stolen", Tom Fulp from Newgrounds would either be sued by Nintendo, or other various video game companies for plagiarism, and over 70% of the users of the site would be included. He also would not allow sprite movies to be viewed in the portal in the first place, and have Randy Solem listed into his author favorites. He even pays for Randy's site, and actually makes, and supports sprite movies. Anyone has the right to use other resources on the net as long as they're credited. And if that's not enough, there's other flashes out there that have show and commercial logos, and cut out photographs used for a flash, such as "Sheindlin's Reign".

Secondly, sprite movies are more then just tweeing a single symbol. For a top quality flash of sprites (and yes, there is), they take a lot of layering to every piece to be animated separately, and have a original context, considering there's a lot of ideas done for sprites, and the fact that sprite movies are naturally unoriginal to begin with. For any examples would be MK vs SF by Proxicide, or Mario flashes done by Yoshi-1up. Try doing something like that, and you'll how difficult is really is.

Thirdly, there are endless flashes that take up the portal space besides sprites. There were ripoff groups that resembled the Clock Crew, but have nothing in common i.e. Star Syndicate, Lock Legion, Uzi Union, and Barney Bunch, and have flooded the portal with nonsense. There were also poorly done flashes that have moving jpeg images that have no meaning, or any context at all.

If you hate sprite movies, just don't watch in the first place, and don't bother writing a mean review, because it will do you no good, and your review will possibly be removed.

Q:Do you know what troller means?Look it up.You'll be in it.And don't bother responding douche.I've blocked you.So go ahead and complain to the mods that I don't care about your opinion like the whiny 5 year old you are.Get off your dad's dick and shut the fuck up.FAIL.
-Sykotic Sword

A: LOL I love this message. Keep giving me your hatred for all humanity, and all I care. It won't stop me from moving on in life, and making flashes, idiot.

Q:You made valid arguements against my 1/5 review for "OMG! SMB Mishaps!"

First off, I actually don't like Avatar and Naruto. TomaMoto's humor is what I like about those flashes.

Actually, I'm aware of the Super Mario All-Stars reference in your flash, but nonetheless, it does screw with the comedic pacing.

I do apologize, however for referring about the "Christian rock" for your battle. I just don't care for P.O.D. and I like synonyms. It had nothing to do with religion.

Finally, I am by no means a Twisted Sister fan. You just happened to use music that sounded pleasant to my ears, so, yes, I did bump the score up to a 1/5. Once again, synonyms, rather than "That song at that one point was really good."

All in all, usually I let arguments go on the internet, but I felt I had to defend myself this time (or whatever the word for defense against a defense is, I suppose).

A: Thanks for the proper reply. At first I thought your message was going to be a n00by n00by flame response, but it turns out, you're not so bad.

Ok, I'm done with my boredom blog

Posted by Golden-Fox - June 2nd, 2008

Well school's ended, and I have all summer to myself. What a surprise. I hope my grades are satisfying.

Well, now that it's summer time, I have a tutorial book that teaches cartooning. Hopefully I can get my hands on it now. Also I plan to do more art my page, since I haven't submitted shit for a while. lol. I want a job this summer so I can get a Wii, and kick ass on Brawl (lol I wish), as well as getting other things taken care of. I still have a leaner's permit, but I can't find time to practice driving. If only my dad hadn't taken Bible class, *sigh* :'(.

My birthday is coming up soon, I'll be 20 on June 22nd. Boy, will I feel old, I'll no longer be a teenager. :(. Being young was awesome. I want cookies for my birthday (lol jk), I actually don't know what I really want. For anything I want in my life is a car, a Wii with Brawl, and a fucking job. And some Movies that I've been after for a while. lol.

Well besides summer, I saw Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia with one of my friends from college. I rocked just like the first. I liked the scenes with this new mouse with an attitude of some kind. Well, I won't go too detailed in the film for those who haven't seen it.

Posted by Golden-Fox - February 7th, 2008

Well I haven't been here for a while. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint:
OMFG! Disgraceful flash in the wrong spot of NG
Plus I'm busy with school, yet I'm still jobless but that'll soon change.

I'm also aware that a lot of users are upset about me, quitting flash, which therefore, upsets me as well. Why? Well let's face it, everyone wants to be happy, and this isn't working out. There have been times that I wanted to get back to flash, and some days that I haven't.

So to be fair, I shouldn't quit over a little flash, and leave the choice to my friends, and to whoever comes on this page. NOTE: That doesn't mean you go insult me with death threats, or say I should goto hell. Yes, I am aware of how Immature NG can be, so doing these attempts will cause me to bite your head off for assault.

Posted by Golden-Fox - August 15th, 2007

lol I haven't made a new blog for a while. Anyways, just want to say happy clock day to everyone. I was gonna do a flash of it, but sadly, I was distracted by things in life. So far, I enjoyed flashes from Rupee clock and Sonucais's, as well as "Children of Clocks" by Stalin Clock, personificating the Submission from 2001.

Anyways, that's about it for me. Enjoy the rest of the day. :D

Posted by Golden-Fox - July 18th, 2007

Ok so where do I begin? Newgrounds has a new layout now, and it looks pretty bad-f*cking ass! I like the grey background design with the top part, contain white marked detail. Also I wouild like to thank Tom for putting a blog feature, and a layout feature (etc.).

Anyways, there's nothing to talk about, so I'll introduce a little bit of myself. I anmited with sprite movies for quite a while. I've always been delaying on flash, due to family issues. I've known Newgrounds since I was a Junior in High School. I spoke to a friend at that time, then introduced me to Newgrounds. From there on, I screwed around, looking a load of flash, and getting motivation. I soon got flash, and took lessons out of it.

I soon joined Newgrounds on Jun 19th, 2005, (I know that it says 6/20/05, but apparently I live in California, and Tom lives three hours ahead from where I live). I've been making nothing but sprite movies. I'm currently learning to draw, so I can make better flashes. As I was on the net, I found a user named "Monk 09" who's well known for SMB: All Aboard, or Key Grab. I also found "Yoshi 1up", who's kick ass with sprite animations. Later one, Monk quit, and I found a user named "Sonucais". He gave support for my forum on my old website called "Golden Fox Studios". Now it's dead because my host closed without telling me. I was gonna get a new host, but I had no money, and my father didn't want to pay for it. So now it's just my page at Sheezyart.

Anyways, that's about it for me, so w/e. Glad to have a blog on my account.